Catalina Polet vera


    • Female
    • Painter
    • Sculptor


    Pintor contemporáneo Chileno

    About the artist

    (automatic translation)

    Hello! I am Catalina Polet Vera, actress graduated in performing arts, currently Assistant to the painter Rodrigo Calderón Martínez, together we work on an art project to be developed in the sector of El Totoral Region V Chile.

    Relevant exhibitions

    -1978 solo exhibition, school of artistic culture of San Bernardo
    - 1986 solo exhibition hall artistic Av Salvador, Providencia Santiago
    - 1989 collective exhibition of art, room Cefa, conception
    - 1998 solo exhibition, Casa Diego Rivera, Puerto Montt
    - 1998 solo exhibition, Latin American Institute of art and culture , La Serena
    - 1998 solo exhibition, House of culture "Manuel Magallanes Moure", Ilustre Municipalidad de San Bernardo
    - 1998 solo exhibition, Casa de la Cultura, Casa de la Cultura of White House
    - 2003 artist invited by the illustrious municipality of San Antonio for, "Painting San Antonio"
    - 2003 solo exhibition , Culture House, Casa de la Cultura of White House
    - 2004 Exhibition "Master Room", Association of Professors of Chile
    - 2004 collective Exhibition "100 Painters by Neruda", Hall Green Horse, Conception
    - 2004 group Exhibition "Colors and Flavors for Neruda" Neruda Foundation

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