Celeste Ortiz


    • Female
    • Photographer

    About the artist

    Born in San Antonio, Chile (“The Betrayed City”). She studied Veterinary at the Universidad de Chile for five years but not finish it. In 2012 she studied digital photography, time in which she develops her interest on film photography.
    Since 2012 her photographs have been published in several blogs, fanzines, online and printed magazines . This year she has formed part of the 2nd cycle of national workshops of the day of photography, dictated by the Venezuelan photographer Nelson Garrido, which end up with the exhibition "Sangre en el Ojo" (Blood in the eye) presented at the Centro Cultural de Los Andes, Valparaíso Cultural Park and for which she comes to have one of her photographs exhibited in one bus stop at Santiago, Chile. In addition, this year she is part of the "2nd Anthology of Young Photography Fotoespacio Chile 2012-2013".

    My work focuses on self-portraiture, which I make with film cameras, due to the romantic and magic quality that gives. Being myself the subject of my photography I can carry it out when I please, without relying on others. Also I use my personal space, my room, my house, being a spontaneous and intimate process, although in recent times I have also dared to go outdoors.

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