Charlene Gozjolko


    • Female
    • Painter
    • Drawer

    About the artist

    My name is Charlene, I reside in Alberta, Canada and have been doing artwork (paintings & drawings) since I was in high school. I have always done my artwork as a limited hobby as I lived my life in the corporate world and at times, doing commission artwork for my coworkers.

    I work with mediums such as oils, watercolors, pen & ink and pencil. My love is doing portraits of people whose soul comes through them. Every face is beautiful especially the ones that convey not only the good times but also the struggles they have conquered or are still conquering. Any photograph that moves me in some way, that evokes a feeling or sensation, those are the pictures I paint or sketch. Clients come to me with their pictures that are special to them and so they become special for me in recreating them. I feel that everyone should share the “music” they have within themselves so this is my music and I hope that you find the right tune that touches your heart and moves your soul!