Charles Bell


    • Male
    • Hyperrealist

    About the artist

    1935: Was born in Born: Tulsa, OK
    1959-1963: Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
    1995: Died in NY

    A Photo-realist still life painter based in New York City and born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Charles Bell created work distinguished by the fact that the subject matter is depicted in a scale as much as ten times life size. The colors are the clear and vibrant.

    In his life time he created almost 200 works and wished to have his work reproduced and distributed as widely as possible for as long as possible.

    Credit: Louis K. Meisel, owner of all intellectual property rights to the body of work created by Charles Bell, and "Who's Who in American Art," Jacques Cattell Press, 1976.

    Source: Ro Gallery Website