• Charlotte Thömmes


    • Female

    About the artist

    2005: "jut&jul" group exhibition, Museum of modern art, Arnheem
    2005: "Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst – Kinder- und Jugendarmut in Deutschland" Group exhibition in cooperation with Museum for Communication and German Red Cross, Berlin
    2005: "jut&jul" group exhibition, Fonds voor beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam
    2006: “Finale 06" group exhibition, Lette-Verein, Berlin
    2010: “Polaroid Dreams“, solo exhibition, Wache 23, Ludwigsburg
    2011: “Blick durchs Fenster“, group exhibition, Marta-Hoepffner-Gesellschaft für Fotografie, Museum Hofheim am Taunus.
    2012: "urban landscape", group exhibition, Center for Fine Art Photography, Forth Collins, USA
    2012: "Anywhere but here", group exhibition, Positive-Negative-Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
    2012: "Recycled memories", solo exhibition, Luxad, Berlin
    2013: "Beautiful Decay", group exhibition, Positive-Negative-Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
    2013: "Urbanarium", public screening, group exhibition, Espaco Cultural Sérgio Porto, Rio de Janeiro, Bras

    We all may share the same sensually image of the environment.
    What we perceive, feel, and reflect upon, however, may be as unique as every single person.

    Natural environments and urbanized areas inspire my images, in which I present questions that range from identity to mortality. In my imagery, I attempt to explore places where a dialog emerges between the inner world of people and the environment . There I intuitively create my dream-like visions, make the unseen apparent, paint with light and shadow.
    In my images I am not trying to frame my own subjective construction of reality, but rather try to animate the recipient to question his or her own perception. As such, I want my pictures to provide a space where the viewers can project their own associations.

    Experimental working techniques, either in-camera or in the darkroom often lead me to push the boundaries of photography. I create images with multiple exposures and selective haziness to capture feelings of loss and transformation through time. By painting on the light-sensitive paper or directly on the negative I literally create additional layers that were unseen by the eye, but felt emotionally.

    For me photography provides the possibility to capture memories of both, the physical and the emotional state of people and places.

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