Charo Costa


    • Female
    • Collage
    • Video artist


    PACM Zaragoza- España

    About the artist

    Initially self trained, she attended the classes of the painter and teacher in the art school and contemporary art gallery, Espacio Zamorano de Zaragoza.
    She completed training in techniques of engraving in Fuendetodos Goya Foundation (Antonio Saura Workshop).
    Also attended the training workshop on watercolor techniques led by Juana María Gil.
    She recently took part in the II Workshop-Course “6 women artists: Juana Francés. Lygia Clark. Sophie Calle” organised by the República Imagen Association with the collaboration of the Aragonese Institute of Contemporary Art and Culture-Pablo Serrano.
    I currently attend classes with Livia Schoz Beznay, (specialized in figurative painting and composition) in Reutlingen, Germany.


    Since my beginnings I have been attracted by abstraction as a form of pictorial expression.
    In my artistic work is very present the complex relationships we engage with nature, with the places we inhabit or have been abandoned, with the landscapes and cities that make up our memory.

    Somehow these traces or remains, those multiple transformations and appropriations that occur over time in this relationship, so often contradictory, appear in my paintings and collages.
    Using paper not only as a support but as a technique in itself for the spontaneity it reflects, I play with the ambiguity of its state and its emptiness.
    The landscapes start from pre-existing works that I break and then be used in the final work.
    They are links that link and build new imaginaries.

    I seek only the sensation without other guidance than nature and the absence of man.
    A pact with beauty.
    And yet, that experimentation around the pictorial act also participates in a certain formal containment so present in our modern tradition.