Chema López


    • Male

    About the artist

    1969: Was born in Albacete


    If your media is the thick, why tremble? Why, if the branches are calm and shelter, then there is no peace for faces?
    In the heart disease is given threshold. When wide open, cold mass invading the weather does not stay, nor heat, long gestated, tries to escape, when both membrane domains that define a precise vacuum left by the door, that's sick live . It contracts the forehead to rubbing against the outside, while the neck remains warm - as happens to the walls themselves -. The body is all pure edge, transition from one space to another, no warmth, and is upset about it.
    At that critical moment of knowing witnessing imminent fall, who can neither move forward or back, and adds to the fear the first tremor, clear symptom.
    Can not be stressed enough: in the caesura born fever. But fever as more expansive state of matter, anticipate death as tense tissues to vibrate them - meat and music - vulgar habit frees them to survive, they earn a new wisdom.
    So, in the process of disappearing find these faces. And yet, with his experience of the limit, his having given to doubt, are witness of life that we know.

    (nothing is as borderline as well, as the mere surface of the canvas where they exist)
    Chema de Luelmo


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