Chris Tucker


    • Male
    • Photographer

    About the artist

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    I'm a photographer and art enthusiast located in Castle Rock, Colorado. I learned to use a view camera and print black and white images in a traditional darkroom back in the 90's, and I still do the majority of my work with film and an old Sinar 5x7 camera. I started doing botanical still lifes when I discovered the work of Karl Blossfeldt, whose minimalist images have inspired several generations of artists. Other influences on my work include Kenro Izu, Tom Baril, Keith Carter, Ron Van Dongen, Cy Decosse.

    To me, my subjects are living sculptures that are rendered quite beautifully through the lens, especially in black and white. I've just started working in color over the last few months, and some of these images are included in my artworks. While my monochrome work is nearest and dearest to my heart, I admit to being intrigued by the possibilities of working in color, so you may see more of this work coming up.

    Other projects I'm working on include large format portraits and a series of snowscapes which will make their way into my gallery over the next few months.

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