Christos Kakoulli


    • Male
    • Graffiti
    • Painter
    • Street art
    • Stencil Art


    Gallery 37,Nicosia,Cyprus
    Its all 2 Much, Bristol, United Kingdom

    About the artist

    Solo Exhibitions:
     Star A. Art Gallery (2016)

    World Exhibitions:
     Ambush Gallery ,Sidney, Australia(2015)
     It’s all 2 much Gallery, Bristol, United Kingdom(2016)
     Sydney Fringe Festival, Sidney, Australia (2016)

     1st place in the drawing academy competition of spring 2015. (USA)
     Finalist at Stencil Art Prize 2015.(Australia)
    Finalist at “The Kutz” Stencil Art Awards 2015. (United Kingdom)
    Finalist at Stencil Art Prize 2016. (Australia) A full time attending award at Lyceum (2011-2012).

    World Records:
    Smallest Hand Painting on Canvas 0,69 x 0,71 cm ( )

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