Claudia Hernandez


    • Female
    • Sculptor


    About the artist

    Hey there, im Claudia Hernández a venezuelan artist, I desing lines as element of visual expression. In this url you can observe part of my work in sculptures and horses. The firts one are about skinny people, or figures of a thin person. The second theme are the horses as a symbol of freedom, freedom of form, freedom of movement and meaning of the biggest right gives to the humanity. I work with a lot materials as wire, aluminum, iron and resine, on the mostly of the cases. I try of use recycled material, specially iron. I like to have the chance of selling my stuff on your prestigious gallery and that way my work can be seen in a different country. Here on Venezuela I sell it to peolple that travel across the world and take my sculptures to Brasil, Italy,Spain and China for example

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