Claudio Ethos


    • Male
    • Street art

    About the artist

    Claudio Ethos was born in 1982, in the city of São Paulo. He currently lives in the city of Birigui, which is in the interior of São Paulo State. Ethos has been painting professionally since 1997. He was influenced by the Calligraphic atmosphere and graffiti art on the streets of São Paulo; where he became a "Grafiteiro" or urban painter.

    In 2005 Claudio studied visual art at Londrina State University-PARANA in Brazil.  In April 2008, he had his first solo exhibition titled "Transition" at the Studio Cromie Gallery in Puglia, Italy. In August 2008, Ethos was invited to the Fame Festival in Italy to work with Urban artists Mantis from the UK, Blu from Italy and Erica il Cane from Italy.

    Ethos’ unique blend of conscious and unconscious depicts a remedy for struggle within South America’s concrete jungle. The strain of urban anxiety is often visible in the large, deep set black eyes that reside within the tired faces of his characters. Formulated within a mind that rarely rests, these surrealistic creatures exist in a perpetual state of struggle as they have travelled from the artist’s subconscious to the waking world of the general public. The excessive and meticulous detail that is the hallmark of Ethos’ work is sure to transport the viewer to an examination of one’s own waking dream.

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