Consuelo Hernández


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    About the artist

    Consuelo Hernández, Spanish painter figurative, in the trend of realism, considered among the most outstanding contemporary Spanish plastic artists. Artist with great international relevance. 
    With a solid formation in the fields of Art and Literature, Consuelo Hernández makes her first solo exhibition in 1979 in Plasencia (Cáceres) in which his work shows the influence of the French Impressionists, influence that left behind up to full immersion in the pictorial realism , on many occasions "poetic", as they have claimed several critics of his work : Mario Antolín, Aníbal Núñez, Mohamed Lahchiri, Jose Maria Bermejo, José Marín Medina.
    The theme of his pictorial work focuses on people, beings, and objects of their everyday environment , as well as in worlds that, starting from reality, are created by the artist. During the six years of their stay in Tangier (1997-2003), his paintings are inspired by the decadent architecture of the international period of the city, in particular that dedicated to the Cervantes Theatre: spring, summer, autumn, winter in the Cervantes Theatre in Tangier. 
    Spanish artist consolidated, his work has been exhibited at international art fairs Chicago, Hong Kong, Singapore , Paris, the Hague, Madrid, and international art festivals. The work of Consuelo Hernández has traveled the halls of the Cervantes Institute in Tangier, Rabat, Casablanca, Fez and Tetuan (Morocco). In July 2012 participated with a selection of paintings at the Present'Art Festival, Contemporary art, which is exhibited in the National Library of Shanghái Pudong and in CEIBS (Art Investment Forum) Shanghai (China). His international exhibitions have continued in 2013 in the Bridge gallery of Beijing and Shenzhen (China), as well as in the Gallery-M in Vienna (Austria).

    During the months of July and August 2015 the Diputación de Salamanca organized an exhibition retrospective of the artist in the Palace of la Salina in the same city with great impact among the public and in the media.

    A significant number of his works are part of private collections in Spain, Morocco, France, China, and public institutions as the Museum of art of Salamanca, the BCM of Morocco, Spanish Royal House, Caja Duero, box Extremadura. 

    Awarded in April 2016 by Forum Europe 2001 with the Medalla de Oro to the career. 

    In July 2016 it has again been recognized ( with the intervention of a jury of eleven art critics, historians and Italian architects ) by the prestigious art gallery Satura Art Gallery of Genoa (Italy) as "guest and awarded artist" in the Concorso internazionale 2nd d' contemporary art . The exhibition took place in the exhibition space of Palazzo Stella Genoa , home of the gallery.

    In January 2017 he participated with the donation of a work in the charity exhibition organized by ALAS SOLIDARIAS (Association of Lupus of Asturias). Exhibition in the Auditorio Príncipe Felipe de Oviedo.

    April 2017, "Genova Art Expo 2017", exhibition organized by Satura Art Gallery at Palazzo Stella, Piazza Stella, Genoa (Italy)

    Invited to participate, along with 29 other artists from all sectors and nationally, in the exhibition "The return of Willy Fog" organized by APADIS-Bahía de Algeciras (Association of parents of intellectual disabled) with the participation and sponsorship of various Institutions. The exhibition was inaugurated in the Municipal Museum of Algeciras and remained during the month of June. During the months of July and August, until September 17, the exhibition is exhibited at Castillo de Guzmán el Bueno de Tarifa (Cadiz).

    June 2017: Prize at the Genoa Art Biennial, "Esposizione internazionale d'Arte Contemporanea", an artistic event in which almost 300 artists have been selected, located in eleven venues, palaces and museums in the city.

    Included in the Marca España website, together with the greatest masters of Spanish painting