Damjan Pavlovic


    • Architect
    • Painter
    • Abstract expressionist


    SAATCHI ART, Worldwide sales www.saatchiart.com/Damjan
    Artfinder, Worldwide sales www.artfinder.com/damjanpavlovic
    Gallery KVARTIRA 7, Moscow, Russia www.kv-7.com
    Damjan Pavlovic Studio, Belgrade, Serbia, www.facebook.com/DamjanPavlovicArt/

    About the artist

    My artworks are a kind of living abstract expressionism. The transformation begins with the artist hands as uncontrolled expression of everyday life in experiences, impressions, feelings, emotions, ordinary and imperceptible, grandiose and promising events. The painting lives on, rising and changing. It opens new shades to a viewer coming from his own experience, emotional and psycho-physical condition. The art has no more clear definitions, forms and concepts. This is an abstract, illogical, planned matrix that catches you giving a chance to understand the presents without fixed by artists concepts and stereotypes. A painting is no longer a museum art, not a backup copy of an event happened in a past, or a handmade photo of a person or place, not an investment product. It is more than a beautiful piece of interior. Artwork is a part of your life in your private space, changing with you, helping to understand the past, to find answers in the present and take look into your own, personal, intimate future.

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