Dan St Andrei


    • Male
    • Collage
    • Digital artist
    • Drawer
    • Hyperrealist
    • Mixed media
    • Painter
    • Photographer
    • Video artist


    About the artist

    Dan St. Andrei is an art director, photographer and painter specialized in fine art photography and graphic design, based in Bucharest (Romania) and also have studios in Miami, FL and Lisbon, (Portugal).
    He work across various creative facets.
    Mainly working in photography, graphic design and illustration, he always try to be original and unexpected in his approach. By mixing all the elements of creativity Dan found new and exciting ways to communicate...

    EXHIBITIONS (selection)


    2015 - PHOTOTEQUE GALLERY / JW MARIOTT BUCHAREST (personal exhibition)

    2015 - ART YOURSELF GALLERY / ROMANIA (group exhibition)

    2015 - KULTURAMA BUCHAREST STREET ART (group exhibition)

    2015 - BRANCOVEANU ART CENTER MUSEUM (personal exhibition)

    2014 - SALONUL FOTOGRAFULUI ROMÂN / ROMANIA ( group / Romanian Art Photographers Association)

    2013 - NeoGalateca Gallery BUCHAREST / ROMANIA (Fashion Ten / group exhibition)

    2013 - CAROL 53 ART CENTER BUCHAREST / ROMANIA (60' Underground / group exhibition)

    2013 - READERS CAFE GALLERY BUCHAREST / ROMANIA (group exhibition)

    2013 - SAROGLIA GALLERY BUCHAREST / ROMANIA (personal exhibition)

    2012 - PENTHOUSE GALLERY BUCHAREST / ROMANIA (personal exhibition)

    2011 - INTERNATIONAL PHOTO FESTIVAL CLUJ / ROMANIA (personal exhibition)

    2011 - COLORIDA GALLERY LISBON / PORTUGAL (personal exhibition)

    2010 - JOAO FRASAO GALLERY LISBON / PORTUGAL (personal exhibition)

    Artworks in private collections and at the Art Center Hugo Voeten Collection / Belgium, “Brancoveanu Art Center” Museum / Romania, JW Mariott Collection, Art Yourself Gallery Collection

    Since 2007 Dan has resided intermittently in Paris, Valencia, Tampa/Fl and Lisbon, Portugal. He currently lives and works in Bucharest.