Dan Walsh


    • Male

    About the artist

    1960: Was born in Filadelfia

    Dan Walsh (Philadelphia, 1960) studied at the Philadelphia College of Art and at the Hunter College, New York, city where he lives and works. Dan Walsh work uses geometric forms, such as rectangles, circles, squares or lines arranged on the canvas in a non obvious way, playing with the viewer´s optical perception. Dan Walsh is involved into the creative process to create a painting, he still believes in the importance on the process of the work in order to have a correct comprehension of the painting. The use of bright colours and flat brushstrokes creating monochrome grounds envolving the colour lines open his work to different lectures. These paintings can be architectural diagrams like empty rooms with many doorways and corridors. They can also be considered simple units increasing from little boxes to big rooms, or buildings to cities or labyrinths. The interpretation of the works can be so open that sometimes it is not clear whether the view is frontal or aerial. The first impression may be happy and light but on a closer examination the viewer can see a rigorous and individual intellect at work here.