Dana Martin


    • Illustrator
    • Painter


    About the artist

    Dana Martin is an illustrator and designer who was born in New Mexico and has been roaming ever since. A recent graduate of Montserrat College of Art, her work has appeared in several local shows and was recently featured in CMYK’s Top New 100 Creatives. Her clients include the Peabody Essex Museum, Hendrickson Publishers, Chrysler, ABDO, ArtThrob Magazine, and Ploughshares. The Johnstown Flood, released last fall, is her first illustrated chapter book.

    Summer Moon, Ghost & Twilight Galleries, Seattle, WA, 2014
    Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 3, Kansas City, MO, 2014
    Monsters, Omni Art House, online, 2012
    Ensemble, RAW Boston, Boston, MA, 2012
    Transformation, Porter House Mills, Beverly, MA, 2012
    Beauty of the Beast, Gallery Della-Piana, Wenham, MA, 2011
    Down by the Sea, Gallery Della-Piana, Wenham, MA, 2011