Daniel Barreto


    • Male
    • Photographer


    About the artist

    Born in Guadalajara, Mexico

    April 22th 1991


    Currently living and studying in Boston

    "I strive for noble and naive, and childish work. I hope to provoke inner curiosity. I often deal with the interaction between humans and nature. We seemed separated from our nature due to technology ‘Disconnected’. What I’m trying to show is the use of technology to create a representation of nature imagery. It intrigues me and I appreciate it as a tool and as an art form. I still use traditional mediums, but the combination of both allows me to express a more powerful vision. I aim to express complexity with simplicity.

    Contemplation is required to feel alive,create things, see our inner thoughts and hope that something good ends up in our shore line of imagination. After all we are just islands in a big sea of collective experiences.

    That’s my message ‘Contemplate’ see life; stop for a moment and contemplate. The little details, small ones, the barely idea that ‘You’ exist and that this life is happening right now."

    Daniel Barreto