Daniel Buren


    • Male
    • Minimalismo Abstracto

    About the artist

    Daniel Buren lives and works in situ
    1938: Born in Boulogne-Billancourt

    Daniel Buren has punctuated the last 40 years of art with unforgettable interventions, controversial critical texts, thought-provoking public art projects and engaging collaborations with artists from different generations.

    Throughout his career Buren has created artworks that complicate the relationship between art and the structures that frame it. Daniel Buren, as his biographies mention, lives and works in situ, and his work has a strong relationship with the space in which it is presented.

    All of Buren's interventions are 'paintings' that appropriate and colour the space. They are critical tools addressing questions of how we look and perceive, and the way space can be used, appropriated, and revealed in its social and physical nature. In his work life finds its way into art, while autonomous art is able to reconnect with life.

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