Danko Merin


    • Male
    • Painter
    • Drawer
    • Designer
    • Collage




    About the artist

    Danko Merin was born  in Sarajevo. He graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo.He is engaged ingraphics, painting, teaching, digital design and artpottery.He paints in oil, crayon and watercolour and he is a member of the Croatian Association of Visual Artists.

    Danko Merin, an artist that originates from a determined type of new figuration, from the echos of expressionist realism, expresses in his paintings stratified, complex structures of his individual experience, far from the mere description or explanation. In front of his work, an observer penetrates and directly explores the impersonal and sterilised purity of the artistic syntax. It is stimulating, it can refresh and humanise. Movements in these pictures represent the transmission of vibrating energy.

    ''In the time when I painted these pictures, I was surrounded by the same thoughts and situations that have accompanied me for the last ten years. It was a journey from the busy and crowded noise of the everyday life and the desire for reconciliation of spirit and body through the creative work in silence. Even now, before my eyes it is as though I can still see those surreal moments that elevate the spirit. I can remember those moments in nature that precede a storm or occur as it passes by. These are the amazing moments of silence and clarity that talk about what happened or indicate the future events. This state between doubt and dream, a place between the eyes, a condition in which, if we try, we can hear this "voice of silence’’