David Vico


    • Male
    • Painter
    • Designer




    About the artist

    1988-2013: Painter and Professor of painting, born in 1971. He graduated in geography and history with the specialty of art history and won the CAP (course of pedagogical aptitude). He is engaged in teaching since 1998 and currently is Professor of painting of the cultural centers Antonio Machado (since 2001), Los Rosales (since 2001) and Francisco Fatou (since 2004), all of them in Madrid. Before 2004 it was in Hortaleza and subsequently agate centres. It has also given classes in drawing and painting in the College Federico García Lorca, Fernando de los Ríos, Miguel de Cervantes and Miguel Hernández de Alcorcón, among others, from 1998 until 2006. At that stage also is Assistant Director and Professor of recoveries of the los Pinos, alcorcon Academy.

    his first exhibition of paintings was an individual in the Civic Center of San

    José de Valderas, Alcorcón (1991). in 1992, gets a consolation prize at the III

    painting contest of the Extremaduran group. In 1994 is a finalist in the 14th national contest of painting "Alcorcón's town". Then he exhibits his work at the Center Prince of Asturias of Majadahonda (1995). Within the network of young art of Madrid exhibits at the pub duck wet, coffee Capacho, Casa del Libro, and DC Orcasur. In 1998 he participated in a collective to inaugurate the new art gallery and exposes the following year and gives classes in the study of art, and participated in the exhibition of selected works in VI Certamen de Pintura rápida "San Juan 99" (Leganés). Also that year's exhibition with Caja Madrid in Morata de Tajuna.


    in the 2005, 2006 and 2007 shows his paintings in the DC The rose bushes and in 2005 in the C.C. Antonio Machado, both in Madrid the following year exhibited at the agate Cultural Centre, in the craft market of Campillo de la Jara and the Cultural Center in Arroyomolinos, among other places.

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