Deenesh Ghyczy


    • Male
    • Painter


    About the artist

    Deenesh Ghyczy was born in Germany and studied in Amsterdam, Budapest, and Brussels.

    He believes paint is uniquely suited to establishing a state of serenity, standstill, and contemplation. His intention is to depict figures that stand beyond the cause-and-effect of everyday life. Some are shown levitating, others in a state of complete inwardness.

    His paintings mean to frame past, future and the acutely present in one canvas. It is a view of the human figure that accounts not just for a single outer surface, but respects that perception is in equal measure directed inwards at a mind capable of transcending linear time.

    Streams of consciousness appear to be channeled and frozen in the recurrent motif of fragmented, disintegrating figures. The figures portrayed by Ghyczy are surrounded by abstract surfaces and spaces. The simultaneity and repetition of different facial features serves to depict an unusual modes of both time and space.

    His work has been exhibited in Germany and Hungary.

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