Denis Ermaqov


    • Male
    • Abstract expressionist


    About the artist

    I was born in Arkhangelsk. It is a Northern port city in Russia on the White sea coast. The aesthetics of the nature of the North intensely influenced me: instilled love for monochrome, meditative drawing, I loved to see simple in complex and complex in simple, to feel the space in a special way. I was surrounded by people who can be described as wise people, and satisfied with little, this served as a deep and thoughtful attitude to art.

    Drawing is the best part of me. All other activities revolve around this part. My area of interest is philosophy, psychology, urban studies, history and design. My soul mate is an architect. I Studied in Moscow Architectural Institute, work as art-director for advertising. Nowhere is it possible to achieve such a degree of freedom as in the arts.

    My art mediums are charcoal and graphite, sometimes i add ink, acrylic. These are very simple and ancient tools, they create the least resistance in work, have a wide range of use, malleable, mobile and flexible. These creates an intimate impression in the work, which affects the final result.