Dermot O'Brien


    • Male
    • Sculptor

    About the artist

    I have always been interested in the possibilities of materials and objects that have a generative potential. By that it is meant those that, for example, can generate light or heat or have other properties. I intentionally incorporate into the work the most ordinary or utilitarian items, things that are not initially culturally loaded or that do not have a history. They are objects which can act as metaphors for other ideas and are things which have a generative property in their own right. This, however, is then sometimes stifled and sometimes distilled. The work often juxtaposes polar opposites, or there is an inversion of one opposite. Many pieces deal with language and codes and layers of meaning. My interests also extend to the relationship between art, science and nature, or at least natural orders, juxtaposing the random and the constant.

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