Dianna Molzan


    • Female


    About the artist

    Lives and works in Los Angeles.
    1972: Was born in Tacoma, Washington

    Dianna Molzan’s paintings are frequently described as sculptural. But rather than shifting horizontally into the established register of another medium, it often feels as if her works are burrowing vertically, deeper and deeper into painting itself.

    The sculptural quality of the work is almost a by-product of Molzan’s investigation into the apparatus of painting in its most literal sense – the wood supports, the canvas, the paint.

    Molzan breaks the convention of the picture surface as single, uninterrupted plane. In one untitled work from 2009, she creates a large ledge at the top of the canvas, a weighty addition that looks like it should topple the work from the wall but doesn’t. In another, she hangs a rolled protuberance across the canvas, a humble shape that recollects a door-stopper and which appears to catch the drips that colour the painting (Untitled, 2010).

    Source: Frieze Magazine Website

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