Dillon Marsh


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    About the artist

    "In 2003 I graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art. During the course of my studies I was drawn to photography and I have remained passionate about it ever since.

    Over the years I have also developed a love for travel and this has led to a natural set of photographic series documenting the various places that I have visited.

    My main focus as an artist in recent times, however, has been directed towards my landscape series. In these series I seek to find things that are out of the ordinary, picking them out of the landscape where they might otherwise blend in. I choose objects that can be found in multitude within their environment so that I can depict a family of objects in a series of photographs. By displaying each project as such, I feel I am able to show both the character of the individual members, and the characteristics that make these objects a family."

    Dillon Marsh