Dri Ilustre


    • Male
    • Drawer
    • Illustrator
    • Mixed media


    About the artist

    Born in 1990 in Philippines, Dri Ilustre is one of the emerging artists from South East Asia. He received his degree in Visual Communication from Bulacan State University in 2013. After he graduated, he lived in Manila and works as a graphic designer in a local magazine where he discovered his current artistic style.
    Being born in a generation where technology can provide variety of photos and imagery in just a click; impressing easily-bored people and creating something new at the same time is a challenge. Yet Dri ilustre find his way out by creating a series of portraits of well-known individual in his own distinctive style. These eye-catching illustrations were done using Adobe Photoshop. At first, Ilustre was only making book illustrations out of the same style and color scheme until one day he saw a beautiful expressionist’s painting and try to imitate it in a form of digital art. Finally, he began his series by searching iconic individual and used them as a main subject depicting in vivid colors, mainly (beige, yellow ochre, cyan, red, black and grayish brown) and using random shapes that were done spontaneously. According to him, he could make one to two portraits per day, depending on his work load in their office. His officemates saw his artworks and told him to make one for each of them and he promised to do so only after he finished a series of 100. And until now, he is on the process of completing these series.
    Every day, he could see gradual progress and improvement in this style, he would do experiments on the background or make play with the details. Eventually, the result was stunningly beautiful and undeniably contemporary which drove bloggers and websites owners to feature his works as one daily inspiration. Generally, those online exhibitors labeled his work as “pop culture illustrations” which truly revealed his artistic inspiration such as Pablo Picasso, Egon Schiele and Jean Michael Basquiat.
    According to him, he created these series of portraitures as a tribute to those individual who dedicate most of their lives to excel with their fields and to amuse people.