Eduardo Basualdo


    • Male


    About the artist

    Lives and works in Buenos Aires
    1977: Was born in Buenos Aires

    Eduardo Basualdo's work, takes place in the boundaries of theater and visual arts. Since 2003 member of the group of artistic experimentation "Temporary / Permanent" with who makes performances and experimental theater. His works have been exhibited at the Biennale de Lyon, the Mercosul Biennial and Pontevedra Biennial among many others. Facilities refer to scenarios where time seems to have stopped for a moment to tell over and over again the same tragedy. Inspired by psychology and mythology proposals here and now appeal to the viewer using the mystery, surprise and suggestion as elements of composition. This facility is back with intelligence to question other limits, the body itself and consciousness.  

    "My job is to stay on the edge, balancing between the poles. Only from the edge can be part of two things at once. But in turn has its popio edge rim. Every time we focus on a limit we may discover that you can go a little further. And if we stay there, the edge, the edge, becomes a territory. View the minimum."    

    Text by Patricia Bentancur