Eduardo Vega de Seoane


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    About the artist

    BIOGRAPHY Eduardo Vega de Seoane, Madrid(1955) I became a painter through a personal search of myself. I started a business administration career and I left that after 2 years, then I decided to study cinema and left for Sweden(Stockholm). I lived there and in Holland(Amsterdam) for a year (1976) and tried different things: cinema,photography,theatre,painting… and then finally decided to become a painter. I came back to Madrid and studied 5 years(2 with a scholarship) in Estudio Arjona Art School under the direction of María Luisa Esteban(excellent teacher). In the 1977 summer I travelled(taking buses and trains) through Irán,Afganistán,Pakistán and India, this trip had a very deep influence on me and in my developpement as a painter. These paintings want to convey energy.The titles refer to the air, the land, the wind,the mountain, they speak about writing,sailing, dreaming. The painter creates a scenery that invites you to plunge, to dream, to fly.The means he uses are colour, spontaneous writin