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    i am a self-taught artist. From the age of eight I knew I would be an artist. I wanted to paint as a career but was encouraged to study science by my family.

    by 1997 I could no longer ignore the creative impulse so started painting in my spare time. With no formal training I felt I should embrace the creative talent and share it with others and keep working with what comes naturally. Throughout the years I have improved and acquired a state of inner peace and now desire to share it with the world and convey the importance of communing with our souls.

    my works are versatile and I like to experiment with various mediums and forms of artwork. My works are based on realism but like exploring with an abstract style. Life is what inspires the work I do, because I wake up every morning and I feel the reason to be alive is to paint else what am I doing here..

    i moved to London about ten years ago from Ghana and have participated in various art exhibitions including the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. In 2009 I was awarded runner up in the Artist of the year award, organized by Artists & Illustrators magazine. My painting of H M the Queen which was featured in Last Tango in Halifax series was given an award at the Friends of Holland Park art exhibition 2012 and also a scholarship to study at the Hampstead School of Art which I have completed this year but meanwhile teaching iPad painting at the school.

    with a background in computer science, I've developed a high interest in iPad painting and its possibilities which is way beyond the tradition medium just as digital music has revolutionised the way we create and listen to music today.

    recently I've done an iPad painting workshops at the Apple Store and the & museum. I've also participated in the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2014 program.

    i am very much interesting in the inner journey and how I can play a role with my art as a catalyst. The purpose of my artworks is to enjoy the doing of it and share that joy with every eye that comes into contact with it..

    currently I am working on a personal project of African leaders portraits which will be a permanent collection somewhere in Africa.

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