Efraín Cruz


    • Male
    • Painter
    • Pop Art


    About the artist

    Efraín Cruz was born in El Salvador in 1984. He started to study art in the year 2000 in “Casa Taller Encuentros”, subsequently he undertook his studies at The National Arts Center of el Salvador were he finalized in 2005. He has received the following workshops: Contemporary Art Vision of Art diploma and artistic practices in contemporary painting by Saidel Brito in 2010.

    The facets as an artist have been evolving to continue building new proposals. He has won the following awards: Single Award of the Supreme Court in the beginner category, 2004; honorable mention Palmares Diplomat in 2008; third place Palmares Diplomat, 2009; first Place in Art Mayo’s auction of Rozas Botran Foundation in 2010; honorable mention Palmares Diplomat, 2011 and second place in Art Mayo’s auction of Rozas Botran Foundation in 2013.

    Cruz’s artistic style moves around Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism. Within Pop Art, he undertakes everyday images recreating compositions, making a collage of images; in Abstract Expressionism he uses the technique of Dripping making a final form between the idea and what is concrete.