Elian Somers


    • Female

    About the artist

    Lives and works in Rotterdam
    1975: Elian Somers was born in 1975, Sprang-Capelle, NL
    1994-2000: TU Delft, Master Architecture, Delft
    2005-2007: AKV St. Joost, Master Photography, Breda

    Elian Somers´work can be seen as a series of research-based projects, which question the urban and social landscape, or cityscape. The work investigates the landscape in moments of transformation, its ideological grounds and (virtual) histories, and focuses on elements and essences that are both hidden and revealed.

    Over the last few years, Somers has particularly focused on utopian cityscapes; realized dreams invented as an alternative to the existing built world. Next to this she has investigated landscapes related to falsification of history, and political and ideological efforts to create a virtual past by means of architecture and urban planning.

    Utopia both attracts and deters. It attracts by posing a critical will to change the world; it deters because of the historical baggage of its failures and perversions. Reflections on utopia seem both layered and paradoxical.

    It is within this context that her photography can be found. In short, the work is a reflection on the cityscape, utopia and utopian thinking, and the way these concepts have been generally perceived over the years. On the one hand, the work represents utopia as a failure. On the other hand it highlights Utopia’s fading historical importance.

    Small projects are collected in endless and ongoing archives/ collections in order to gain fresh perspectives.

    The archives consist of Droom als er ooit een was (A Dream if ever there was one) 2006; All-Sided 2008 and Border Theories 2009.

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