Elizabeth Cura


    • Female
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Painter


    Galleria Assisinarte,Assisi, Italia

    About the artist

    Born in 1963 in Buenos Aires, Self-taught in her childhood, later in adolescents began to study in the Asociacion Estimulo de Bellas Artes of Buenos Aires.

    In the following years devoted herself to graphic design, has edited many publications besides exhibiting her artwork in South America.

    In 1998 emigrated to Spain, where dedicated her time to advertising graphics and her family; in 2012 she moved to Italy.

    Her first work exhibition in Italy in 2013, it consisted of expressionist and high contrast paintings, thanks to pure colours and suggestive lines mixed with imperfect geometric figures giving the viewer the chance to interpret the works depends on his own emotive state.

    She express the personages of her paintings, sometimes serious, surprised or melancholy but never sads or staticals.

    Today in her pictorial maturity we can see in her pictures a stable and sure stroke maintaining a proper, recognizable and inimitable style.