Elizabeth Edgerton


    • Female
    • Painter


    Galeria Botello, Viejo San Juan, PR

    About the artist

    I am searching for something spiritual primal, essential: a wave washing over you as you swim, the vastness and peace at the top of a mountain, floating in the sea, something to bring peace to the heart. An experience for the viewer to participate in, paintings that envelop and draw you into the feeling of diving in the water, the joy of swirling in a dance, the exhilaration of climbing a mountain, the calm of the rainforest.

    Color is my main interest: the healing qualities of color, creating effects through contrasts and juxtapositions, until the colors sing together.

    In 1989 I found that brush strokes were too limiting, inspiring me to try different ways of applying paint to a surface. Since then I have mainly painted my acrylic paintings with my hands, using gloves, sometimes drumming the paint into the canvas. I have discovered large variety different kinds of marks that I can make with different parts of my hands.

    My intention is for my paintings to add something positive to the space they occupy through the layering of colors in a manner similar to Monet.

    In my Sumi brush paintings I am most interested in capturing a moment through gestures: the wind, a mountain, a river, and the flowing energy of a dance, as I explore the possibilities of the Sumi Brush. Explorations of my inner emotional, spiritual, and physical landscapes, finding centering and transformation.

    The smaller pieces are on watercolor board. The larger pieces are done on rice paper that is strengthen by being mounted onto another piece of rice paper and then mounted on foam core and matted

    In my textile designs, I love using tropical leaves to print on fabric. My personal style uses the interplay of negative and positive prints combined with various shibori techniques to get the impression of the layering of light and shapes in the rainforest or a lush garden.

    I use non toxic paints and all natural fabrics and when I can find it, organic fabric. The colors coordinate with my acrylic paintings and works on paper.

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