Emmanuel Giralt


    • Male
    • Digital artist
    • Collage
    • Drawer
    • Sculptor
    • Painter
    • Others

    About the artist

    I am EMA, I was born in 1979, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.I studied jornalist in El Circull de la prensa. I studied 3 years in I.U.N.A (Institut Universitary National of Arts).I realized course of photografie, ilumination and directed. I  was tryed to studie the best form of represent a frame determined.

    I has exposured in "Salon Pueyrredon", U.B.A (University Buenos Aires) of Engineering and one picture (Autos hasta en el culo) in the Cultural Center Recoleta.

    I was pinted on a lot of surface like to: on the wall; manikin; glass,papaerboard; acrylic, plastic, etc... But my favorite tecnique is Collage whit acrylic paint on the canvas. I like stiking little images, wire, cables, metal,rubber, wood, leds light and optical fiber.

    Also  esculptur whit epoxy putty or soft ston, box of light, work whit old tv.

    Finally, i was draw whit photoshop and ilustrator on slide.

    In my work I try to give some message over a lots of topics how to be: poberty, tecnology, overpopulation, excess of security cameras, means of transports, visual contamination and residual among others.