• Male
    • Drawer
    • Photographer
    • Graffiti
    • Hyperrealist
    • Installation
    • Performance
    • Painter
    • Video artist


    About the artist

    (automatic translation)


    It seems that at this stage no may deny that the human being has so afraid of pain as pleasure, and that at the same time look incessantly both sensations no more program than the mood of not find us in the face with none of the two.

    "Find us in the face", is also to look at itself and uncork that never believed to be able to.

    Endika Basaguren part of a distinctly post-modern and countercultural, because of the first, it is clear that it is the aesthetic issue from a custom shed, where objects or themes are treated from seeing itself as a reflection of the surrounding, similarly its concern by the outskirts of the system, and regardless of what may or may not be correctthey positioned him on the last trench of the counter-culture. However, no you cannot be denied a pictorial component, because it not only feeling but also the tradition, in the style of dorsiano, as it comes taking themes and iconographic elements of the glorious past of painting, to adapt them to its time, perhaps already not so glorious.

    This author proposes over his latest series the recreation of emblematic icons of universal culture along with values of solidarity, and there turn out the dormant embers of what in perpetuity we need to apprehend that you pour definitively to fly. The advantage of the artist is his conviction by remember what comes forgetting every day. The advantage of the observer is to forget that there will be one memento more.

    Endika Basaguren is and feels a committed artist, its eagerness to give voice to the "free speech", to the "no image" image, it takes you to take the plastic as a platform to exhibit their fears and pleasures. Is currently involved in a project with a collective of artists and various associations such as; Amnesty International, Once Foundation, Intermon, Kale dor kayiko, for the development of a travelling exhibition and several meetings to give artistic presence to people at risk of social exclusion and collective disadvantaged.

    Endika Basaguren holds a degree in fine arts from the University of the Basque country, has carried out postgraduate studies at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
    solo exhibitions include those made in the catharsis of Madrid Gallery and the Palacio of lilac in Oviedo. He participated in the collective international "Body, soul and flesh" which toured Spain, Italy and Austria. He has recently exhibited at the Oxford Gallery, the Sala Ondare, in the Nice room, in the international fair of Arévalo and the Dubai art fair. Is currently working with other artists for an itinerant in collaboration with NGO like Intermón, eleven, Amnesty International, etc.
    his work has been acquired by important institutions as at Art Center may 2, the community of Madrid and the Museum of the Americas in Miami, United States.