Enrique Baena Escudero


    • Male
    • Digital artist

    About the artist

    Original of Seville, Enrique Baena Escudero has had artistic vocation from age very early.
    Study at the School of applied arts and crafts in Seville in the specialty of Commercial art, working as a graphic designer for more than 15 years.
    For a long time worked based on personal and auto shapes, giving value to volumes and experimenting with the subconscious.
    Is currently working on a project called The red face which takes several years to develop, starring characters from varied ethnic and tribal features with which tries to express his inner and personal world, with emphasis on the shapes and textures, seeking the union of different techniques and concepts for new creations and original.
    His work is based on sculptural creations that are photographed and edited with digital methods. Although initially relied on the ephemeral value of sculpture as a phase in the process of creation, now try to rely more on sculpture and accompany the edited result.
    His works van surrounded by an atmosphere of rarefied, mysterious and intriguing, looking for the Viewer to connect and delve into the interior of his characters, all of them are products of her imagination.

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