Enrique Chavez Hinojosa


    • Male
    • Digital artist
    • Photographer


    About the artist

    Interest in capturing the essence of things has been a constant in the photographic work of Enrique Chávez, photographer's heart and soul, eternal traveller, adventurer and lover of nature and human Existentialism. It captures the moments and moods of the psyche, spirit, acuity and vivacity of the faces of beings that surround his world, gestures of sadness, joy, love, peace, anger and fury are inspiration for their work. The charm by the expression of the shadows and lights of naked bodies, the beauty of the female body in it´s sensuality, joy and pleasure is a subject that fascinates him. The power and the force of nature, landscapes, clouds, lakes, forests, mountains that he runs, hundreds of roads attract his curiosity. The search of the artist lies in see beyond what things show at a glance, and stop in an image the imposing force, the power of nature, human existence, recording the force of life and the immeasurable step of the time.

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