Eric Vinagre Jubert


    • Male
    • Drawer
    • Sculptor
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Painter

    About the artist

    Eric vinagre
    Puig-reig, 15 of April of 1995

    -CFGM art final graphic design 2011-2012, at the SCHOOL of Arts and crafts in Gironella.
    -CFGS School of art and design by Vic upper course of Arts applied to the wall.
    -is currently pursuing a degree in fine arts at the University of Barcelona.

    EXPERIENCE 2015 / 2016
    -Hibridacions and contexts, participation in the piece without sender (ACVic, Vic, autumn).
    -exhibition Col ? teaching charity, ANIM2, Puig-reig.
    -Tornemi of summer 2015, exhibition and participation of work, hostel Fugarolas, Sant Hilari Sacalm.
    -without censorship, exhibition col ? teaching, school of art of Vic , Vic, April.
    -fair WELL, samples of works, school of art of Vic, Vic, December.
    -stop zero, samples of a painting mural, Vic 2016.

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