Erico Mabellini


    • Male
    • Photographer


    About the artist

    Passionate about photographic art, from childhood he was charmed by the red-colored atmosphere and the alchemy of seeing pictures appear on the blank paper of his uncle's photographic laboratory. From that moment he was captured by the image and continued studying and practicing.

    He entered the Pan American School of Art in 1978, where he learns the theory of what he already did in practice.

    He works in several branches of photography: products, fashion, journalism, editorial, documentary and didactic.

    Today, he is pleased to see his works well accepted and at the same time he continues to seek to learn ever more in his craft and passion.

    Creator and editor of Infinito Photography website.

    Promotes courses and workshops.

    He considers that the great merit of a photographer is in the incessant search for technical perfection, beauty and social expression.

    By pursuing the perfect technique, studying beauty and becoming aware of the social issue can, with commitment, produce art. 

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