Erin McGee Ferrell


    • Female
    • Painter

    About the artist

    My paintings are not created behind closed doors. They are created on the streets of Philadelphia and in the woods of New England. I invite you to watch me work as I stand my easel on the Ben Franklin Bridge, the Art Museum steps, and on the sidewalks of the Italian Market. Come explore the coast of Maine and the woods of New Hampshire with my easel and me. The adventure and process of creating the art is as exciting as the product. Look for me in the crowded markets, the tourists’ destinations, and famous landmarks. While my adrenaline pumps, large colorful oils on canvas are created in these people and scenery rich places. I take time-lapse photos of my canvases while I paint. Then I create videos, which are posted on Social Networks linking the subject of my art to the place it was created, and the way I depicted it. This brings my process as an artist to a world audience; virtually traveling to the Philadelphia/ Portland area and experiencing what it is like to be with my painting on the streets. Sharing my painting process with the public is a gift, not so much for the outcome, but for the vulnerability of the process. You bore witness to my endeavor. Together we shared in the very public awareness of a private interpretation. I created a moment of pause and wonder in the business of the mundane.

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