Ermilkina Ekaterina


    • Female
    • Abstract expressionist

    About the artist

    I’m an artist, designer and a dreamer. I was born in the middle of the summer July 16, 1975, Saratov, Russia into the family of winemakers. I grew up in beautiful city Yalta in Crimea on the north coast of the Black Sea. It is a magnificent, historical and environmentally healthy place, complete with mountains, waterfalls and a subtropical climate. There are many Tsar’s palaces like Livadia Palace where Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin met for the famous Yalta Conference in 1945. Yalta and the Crimea have been favored areas of leading figures in Russian cultural history, including A.Chekhov, M.Voloshin and the great painter of seascapes A. Aivazovsky. I started to paint when I was 4 years old during my first art class for the kids. That was my mother who directed me there. She saw me as a painter and wanted me to become an artist. And I am very thankful to my parents that let me to pursue the art education. In 1985 I enrolled as a student to school of art in Yalta. When I was 17 years old I moved on to Saint-Petersburg, Russia where I got my Master’s Degree of Art and Design. Saint Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s a living museum. There is a world-class art collection at the Hermitage Museum. The unique beauty and rich culture of the city helped me out to become an artist. Weather it is a dreamy white night, magical winter evening or early autumn in one of the city’s outstanding suburban parks all that made me fill very happy. I met and worked with interesting people, artists and took part in exhibitions and contests. That was amazing time! At the end of 2005 I moved on to USA where I am living and painting now. As a mother of 2 sons I have a great passion to teach children. I am teaching art in Caldwell, NJ and I’m a member of Studio Montclair Inc. since 2008. SMI is an association of professional visual artists. My work has been presented in various solo and group exhibitions and has been collected by patrons throughout the United States, as well as international collectors from Canada, Germany, France and Russia.

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