• Female
    • Painter


    Elahe gallery Tehran Iran


    About the artist

    Evelyn Aghamalian 1969 /IRAN / TEHRAN

    I have been painting about 30 years with acrylic and oil in different styles. cubism abstract modern decorative buddism zen mandalas batik and dot painting. I really enjoy to create new things painting sculpture wood work metal work... no matter what is the media or technique the feelings are important to me . I really enjoy to involve and I feel life when I am doing it. All my works have been sold privately during these years and I let them go to replace them with a better one. I still want them go... 

    In my recent exhibitions I have chosen black and white to work with .I like when I bring the darkness (black) to light (white) .

    Solo Exhibitions:

    Haft Samar Gallery /Iranian Artists Forum Nami Gallery/ Elahe Gallery /  Haft Negah Gallery /Decor Gallery / Seven Gallery.....and many group exhibitions  and private showrooms..


    The 5th Annual Contemporary Art ( Persbook Art ) 2014 Iran

    Next Exhibition:

    Elahe Gallery 26 Dec 5 Jan 2014-2015

    New Collection : ( THE TIME TUNNEL )

    I love the moments I am involve in creating the art I feel free.... I cant sleep until it is done . And that love keeps me moving...

    I love if you contact and let me know your idea about my art. 

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