Faustí Llucià


    • Male

    About the artist

    He lives and works in Barcelona
    1952: Born in Barcelona

    Essentially self-taught training has developed its work in almost all areas photographic documentation, advertising, teaching and artistic.

    In his personal projects gives priority to the concept and content subordinating to it its formal and technical resolution. This priority has led him to develop some projects closer to the sculpture, camera images as containers, or in some cases resorting to painting.

    The literary component is present in his work, both in his writings and in his pictures, to suggest readings and personal views on the existence of intrinsic issues such as life, death, loneliness and, above all, the look, through which emplazarnos try and understand.


    2012-13: Individual: Hiking. Book launch and exhibition "Paths". The Private Space, Barcelona.

    2012: Collective: ONCE Foundation Biennial Art, Space Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid.

    2012: Single: "Pate de Foie, The Game of the Goose". Vila Casas Foundation, Palau Solterra, Torroella of Montgrí, Girona.

    2011: Collective Photo Vernissage "Melody and Passion of Mediterranean. Italy. Spain ", St. Petersburg.

    2011: Collective "Heterogeneous Fatigas", Jorge Luis Borges Montoriol Esther Gallery, Barcelona.

    2011: Single "Urban Botany" Espai Catala-Roca Golferichs, Barcelona.

    2011: Collective "Book of the artist" CIMIR, Reus.

    2010: Collective "Ocaña 1973-1983: action, action, activism" The Centre of the Imatge Virreina, Barcelona.

    2008: "Everything is round", Book of correspondences with Laura Iniesta, Metras René Gallery, Barcelona.

    2008: Collective Fundació Vila Casas, Palau Solterra, Palamós. Girona.

    2008: Collective "Private Landscapes" Huesca Council.

    2007: Collective "Angelus" Metras René Gallery, Barcelona.

    2006: Collective "Àlbum.Imatgs family in l'art" Sa Nostra Foundation, Palma de Mallorca.

    2005: Single "Wish Containers" Metras René Gallery, Barcelona.

    2005: Collective "Mostra Contemporary Art" MMAC, Mollerussa.

    2005: Collective "Àlbum.Imatgs family in l'art", Museu d'Art de Girona,

    2004: Single "They do not fly your own shadow" Monturiol Esther Gallery,

    2004: Collective "In the eye of Dalí" Metras René Gallery, Barcelona.

    2003: Single "Hunting Ground" Slaughterhouse Cultural Center, Huesca.

    2003: Paper-sculpture "Mais l'apsent work," Safia Gallery, Barcelona.

    2003: Collective "Photographic Fictions," Sala Arco de Santa María (Burgos).

    2003: Collective "Dadelos" Slaughterhouse Cultural Center (Huesca).

    2002: Collective "Ficcions" Monturiol Esther Gallery, Barcelona.

    2001: Collective "Zero Hour", Monturiol Esther Gallery, Barcelona.

    2001: Single "Urban Botany" Club Maritim, Barcelona.

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