Fernanda Ramos


    • Female
    • New media
    • Video artist
    • Mixed media
    • Installation
    • Photographer
    • Digital artist

    About the artist

    Conceptually, if my primary interest as artist can be summed up in one word, that could be experience. The experience that remains to the perception, internal and external. I am interested in the way that we build our experienced memory through mental images, and its relationship with the passing of time. The intimacy constructed along a duration. The dichotomies, the contradictions. All these feelings intrinsic to the human being, the opposition to remember / to forget. I am also interested by what memories concern to our individual memory and which are related to a collective memory, built or imagined.

    The curiosity about the images and, paradoxically, by what it is not seen, led me to the use of photography as the principal media in my artwork. For me, the process of construction of the photographic image contains the aspects of human experience that I want to represent. However, my process is a constant exercise of metalanguage, combined with the conceptual production. Even when working with other media, these refer to the photographic language, because it is through its aesthetic essence that I find a way to capture the time. I am interested by the temporality of the medium and the time of images defined by spectator's observation. I like to play with time jumps, to build stories with multiple perceptions/ interpretations. The narrative is constructed through series and its characters, with fragmented images full of symbolic representation.

    Source: Fernanda Ramos