Fernando Bayona


    • Male


    About the artist

    1980: Born in Jaén

    "I am never what I am expected to be. My work lacks continuity, as opposed to the work of others who belong to my generation. I appear and disappear in each series without a conscious predisposition to a disconcerting course. I am a disobedient creator and my style is not recognizable as that of others. I have not found one single style through which to guide the extraction of my feelings; to filter what I what to say. Nevertheless, in this lack of  continuity I still preserve a common language – the language of my profound preoccupations; of my perennial interests. In each production I solely speak of love, heartbreak, human relationships, beauty, violence, sex, tension and distension. I seek redemption in my aesthetic acts, my objective being to feel alive through them. I construct, or try to construct, consecutive worlds that I do not control and that leave me wondering about the next one and whose only common element  is its continuity."

    Fernando Bayona