florencio jimenez


    • Abstract expressionist
    • Painter

    About the artist

    (automatic translation)

    • You could say that his works, do not let anyone indifferent, that somehow are "groundbreaking",
    "transgressive", in the sense that it seems that they carried out an "attack" against our
    thoughts, feelings, or ideas.

    • Almost always "take us" to those worlds that exceed or go beyond the real thing, that "transcend"
    feelings and end up on them.

    • His works, almost always go more beyond of what is real in the sense that connected and connect us with the
    idyllic, magic, the happy.

    • Usually their works are imbued of dare, risk, and much creativity, as well as
    some... transgression. or at least in the flat sentimental.

    • Are always works, in the sense of original and unique, and style or "label".

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