Fran Rubio


    • Male
    • Illustrator
    • Painter
    • Photographer
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Drawer


    About the artist

    Art is a language, and as such has to convey and express ideas , opinions , complaints , criticisms or artist's own mental states .

    Like any type or system of communication, acquiring art can manifest in various forms, within this range I will rely on tools such as photography , painting and drawing, and will address issues such as identity, existentiality, portrait ,criticism and political and social denunciation .

    Under an honest perspective , I try to convey in the clearest way this inner world full of concerns and try to translate it into some sort of readable language for all, where the opininion and in some cases direct public interaction will be important to complete this communication.

    It would be almost impossible to try to forge his own language without drinking before the work of some / to author / s of any of the areas or forms of language that may have influenced or those who have been able to learn various solutions or just compare these with the of other authors.

    Making a small list , I show authors / as well by the way they see the world immediately or by the solutions or tools used have given me a clear form their own language and have influenced me in a way.

    Painting, photography , Performance , installation and music: Guillermo Kuitca (painting and installation , symbology , experimentalism ) , Cyndi Sherman ( identity problem ) , German Expressionism ( subjectivity , distortion , personality, experimentality ) Informalismo Spanish ( impact matéricas works , stupefaction front of the work , brutality ), Pablo Picasso ( own language , versatility , experimentalism ) , Frida Kahlo (sensitivity , its own language, autobiographical ), Marina Abramovich ( experimentality , risk, existentialism ) Amy Winehouse ( autobiographical honesty , sensitivity , versatility , strength) and Joaquin Sabina (sensitivity , existentiality , personality ) .