Francesco Lo Castro


    • Painter


    About the artist

    "In the realm of intersecting ideas, lies the opportunity of transformative change. Constant grappling with the concept of individual identity, in frequently stark contrast with a vastly influential and unstoppable societal flux, has always been at the core of my artistic quest.

    Within the creative, exploratory process, I am a painter at heart. Though I make use of a variety of media and techniques, the painter’s perception is always at the root of my visual sensibility, use of color, compositional and technical decisions. I strive to create a common visual language that embraces the diversity of the human experience while celebrating its unshakable foundation within a transcendent core that forms the equalizing moral truth of civilization.

    By exploring the potential flash points where differing social and cultural identities intersect, create ideological friction, then shift and are able to splinter into myriads of new possibilities, I invite the viewer to open up to discourse, to make a conscious effort, free of prior conditioning, and to elevate appreciation of diversity from mere tolerance to identification and understanding of Self and others.

    My recent work explores the reinterpretation of human identity within the increasingly overlapping fields of biology and technology and the countless scenarios outlined in writings on Technological Singularity and The Accelerated Change Thesis, predicting a near future period of rapid technological change, bringing about an era that could transform the concepts that we rely on to give meaning to our lives, from our models of industry to the cycle of human life, including Death itself."

    Francesco Lo Castro

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