Francisco Sanchis Cortés


    • Male
    • Drawer
    • Painter
    • Illustrator


    About the artist

    Francisco Sanchis Cortés

    The Valencian artist has an enviable genetic line that leads towards the Fine Arts

    Completed his high school degree Francisco enters to university who he left to dedicate himself to painting.

    Francisco defines himself as an impressionist. He works in the advertising world with only 18 years old. His works are recollections of past pictures.

    His watercolours are in private collections in different parts of the world like; Spain, France, England, German, Holland and USA.

    One of the most important work is the portrait of Archbishop of Valencia, Excmo y Revdmo Mr. D. Agustin Garcia ? Gasco y Vicente, with was presented at the Segrelles Gallery on November 27, 2001.

    His first exhibition was in Montpellier in 1995. Francisco makes one debut in Segrelles Gallery of Valencia on October, 1996.

    Later (subsequently) Francisco started in oil paintingand he formed in the contemplation of feminity with Mediterranean colours.

    Francisco exhibits his works in Mexico and in Hatman Gallery Miami too.
    In Spain he exhibits samples in galleries like; " The Virtual Diego Rivera Web Museum Madrid " , " Braulio´s Gallery " Castellon, Gabernia´s Gallery Valencia and single exhibitions like ; " Puerta de Alcala Gallery " Madrid , Segrelles Gallery Valencia , Braulio´s Gallery Castellon, Sammer Gallery and Art & Design Gallery .
    In 2009 he makes two works for the restoration of the church of San Martin Obispo "The Light of the image" that illustrate Santa Teresa de Jesus and San Agustin de Hipona.
    Later Francisco Sanchis Cortés paints "Tetralogy of Wager ". He gives a turn in his personal style and delved into the world of stagecraft.

    The Valencian painter Francisco Sanchís Cortés has a perfect genetic line. He comes from an artist family; his father was an important figure of painture world. Francisco is heir to the nineteenth painting of Pinazo, Emilio Sala and Sorolla.

    His works tell stories where the importance lies in the content. His works are full of feeling and are able to convey the emotion through the humanity of the gestures of characters and romantic style.

    Francisco in his youth shows his Impressionist roots giving the importance to the image, using long strokes in the treatment of drapery , hair shinning, lights and colours.

    His main inspiration is the female figure in his oil painting.

    Francisco tries to create scenes of the environment thought the clarity and luminosity of the Mediterranean.

    To sum up the most important characteristic of his work are the gestual intention, the sensitivity of attitudes, looks of the characters, the privacy modes or the complicity gestures ...

    Francisco has a romantic and sentimental pictorial entity.


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