Frank Diamond Photography


    • Male
    • Digital artist
    • Designer
    • Photographer
    • Illustrator

    About the artist

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    Was born an April 29, 1990 in LLeida, at the age of 19 began to enter into the world of photography as amateur model making publications in online magazines and other related agencies and professional photographers work. It is 22 years old when he discovered his passion for photography but this time not as a model, but as a photographer. It is so as it begins its research and learning through tutorials on the internet. Their concerns and their desire to learn are so large that in just 4 months already publishes his first editorials in fashion magazines and get working with professional makeup artists, stylists and models. Despite his short career is working hard and all that effort leads to something new, a new style of photography that will break their schemes and thus a new stage in his life as a photographer. With a defined style, Frank is able to convey his feelings through photography. So com is born "DayDream" his first exhibition held in the city of Tarragona.

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